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NeilMed - NasaMist - Nasal spray - saline solution


NeilMed - NasaMist all-in-one - nasal spray and nasal rinse in one

Image NeilMed nasal spray all-in-one saline Nasamist

NeilMed - NasaMist - Nasal spray - saline solution - extra strong


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The NeilMed Nasamist nasal spray extra strong helps with a stuffy nose better than the normal variant due to its unique composition. The extra-strong saline solution causes your swollen nasal mucosa to shrink, allowing you to breathe wonderfully through your nose again.

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NeilMed NasaMist nasal spray extra strong

Ordinary nasal sprays provide only a small puff. The unique NeilMed NasaMist nasal spray also provides a large amount of mist to moisten your nose. It helps prevent a dry nose, and therefore nosebleeds or a nasty pulling sensation. It also helps with colds and a stuffy nose.

This extra-strength variant contains more than twice the concentration of saline solution as the normal variant. Research shows that a higher concentration of saline solution (2.7%) helps better with nasal congestion than the normal variant (0.9%). This is because the extra strong saline solution draws more water from the congested mucous membranes, thereby reducing swelling. As a result, the nasal and sinus openings open up better and thus can drain (drain off) better. The first time you use the extra-strength version, you may experience a temporary burning or stinging sensation. After several uses, this will subside. If it persists, we recommend using the normal version.

Different variants

The NeilMed NasaMist nasal spray saline is available in the variants: normal, extra strong and all-in-one.

Comparison with nasal shower

Caution. A nasal spray is not comparable to a nasal shower. If you have a full nose and lots of nasal mucus, solid hay fever symptoms or other hefty allergic symptoms, then we recommend the NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal shower in combination with normal or extra strong nasal rinse saline. This nasal shower flushes lots of water through your nasal cavities, sinuses and frontal sinuses, flushing mucus out of your nose with a strong jet. A nasal spray only moisturizes your nose and loosens mucus, which you then blow out of your nose. This is less effective with a lot of nasal mucus and with a recurrently blocked nose. After surgery, use the nasal douche to keep your nose open and rinse away crusts.


Use the NeilMed NasaMist nasal spray extra strong when:

- Various allergies, such as hay fever
- Allergic asthma
- Dry nose
- Colds
- Running nose
- Irritation of the nose from dust in the home and at work, fumes, animal dander, grass, pollen, smoke and the like.
- Nosebleed

Benefits of the NeilMed NasaMist nasal spray extra strong:

- For babies over 1 year old, children and adults
- Use as often as you like
- Cleaning and wetting
- Soothing, no burning or stinging sensation
- Sterile and pH neutral
- Preservative-free and drug-free

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1 review for NeilMed – NasaMist – Neusspray – zoutoplossing – extra sterk

  1. Randy Orr (verified owner) -

    NeilMed Nasal Mist has been my go-to product for years to relieve my chronic nasal congestion. Couldn't find it in Dutch stores so was happy to discover it online.

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