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We would like to help you as well and as quickly as possible. That's our service and promise to you. That's why we collect the frequently asked questions we get on this handy FAQ page, so you can quickly find an answer. We have conveniently divided them into categories. If your question is not listed, please send an e-mail to We are happy to help you.

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If you have complaints, regardless of the condition of the nose, you can rinse your nose 2 to 4 times a day. Twice a day is sufficient as "maintenance" after symptoms and as a daily hygienic action (just like brushing your teeth).

For chronic rhinosinusitis, flush 2 to 4 times a day in the acute phase and after the symptoms have subsided, continue flushing twice a day as maintenance.

After surgery (FESS - Celon - Coblation, etc.) flush 2 to 4 times a day for at least 3 weeks after surgery.

For persistent or severe symptoms, you may flush 2 additional times. Always follow your ENT doctor's instructions.

Yes. This usually involves Flixonase nasules (corticosteroid drops). Squeeze two nasules into 240 ml of saline rinse. Rinse both nostrils with this solution. Patients used to be asked to squeeze nasal drops directly into their nose, but research shows that the drops do not reach your nasal cavity sufficiently. Always follow your ENT doctor's instructions.

Yes. Inhaled air enters the body through your nose. Your nose is your body's filter. All kinds of dirt, such as pollen, bacteria and viruses, settle in your mucous membrane. Medicated nasal sprays and inhalers therefore do not work as well. First, rinse your nose with a nasal douche so that all the dirt is flushed out of your nose with light force. Then use a nasal spray or inhaler.


Yes. Your own nasal mucosa produces mucus to keep your nose functioning properly. This does not always work well. For example, when you breathe dry air (on an airplane, when the air conditioning is on, dry or cold outside air). This is why you use nasogel spray. You also get a dry nose if you use an oxygen mask for apnea (CPAP) or COPD. You can solve this with the nasogel spray or with the nasogel tube because it allows you to control the amount of gel. Only the spray contains hyloruonic acid, which attracts water. The nasogel forms an extra layer of mucus over your nasal mucosa, so to speak, to keep your nose moist. For it to work properly, it may be advisable to first use the NeilMed Nasamist All-in-one TO USE. With this nasal spray, first rinse your nose thoroughly, then apply the nasogel.

Over time, the use of salt causes small scratches on the inside of the nasal douche. This is true of any squeeze bottle nasal douche on the market. Bacteria and dirt can adhere to these scratches. NeilMed Pharmaceuticals is committed to your health and wants you to be able to safely rinse your nose without risk of contamination. Therefore, it recommends replacing your nasal douche every three months. Replacement is especially necessary if the material becomes discolored, but it is better to be ahead of that. Hence the guideline of 3 months. Thanks to NeilMed's high standards of quality and care, its products are sold worldwide, it is the No. 1 supplier of nasal showers in several countries and works closely with ENT doctors and hospitals around the world.

No, we strongly advise against it. NeilMed's nasal rinse salt is matched to the salt content of the human body and is of medical-pharmaceutical quality. Everything is under strict control. So you can be sure that it's good for your nose, that you won't have pain while rinsing and that the salt is of the purest quality. Moreover, using salt bags helps with therapy compliance. Because it is easy to use, rinsing your nose is a snap. Table salt has an unclear and unstable composition and harmony with the human body, we strongly advise against it.


Non-medical saline solutions can lead to soreness, inadequate relief of your symptoms or even nasal congestion. Your nose is a sensitive organ with an important function. You don't want to introduce foreign substances into it that could be harmful.

You attach the hose to the motor housing, allowing the device to suck water from the blue reservoir through the hose. To prevent the hose from vacuuming, there is a recess at the bottom end. This bottom end with a cutout hangs in the blue reservoir and the other end without a cutout you attach to the motor housing.

We care about you. We do our best to deliver our products to you in top condition. However, there are times when an order breaks down in transit or something else happens that causes you to make a warranty claim. You are legally obliged to report this to us within two months of discovering the defect. If the defect falls within the warranty, we will provide repair or replacement free of charge.

If parts are missing, we will gladly send them to you. Please contact


Go to the figure at the top right of the screen. Fill out the registration form and choose a password. You will then have access to your account.

The advantage of having your own account is:

  1. You will see your order appear immediately in your account. You no longer have to wait for a confirmation email.
  2. Overview of all your orders.
  3. Easy reordering. Click on an order and go to the relevant product page to easily re-order.
  4. Enter billing address and delivery address. These are then filled in automatically with every order. This is convenient and saves time.
  5. Understanding your wish list. You can save any product to your wish list by clicking the heart icon. Through your account you can access this wish list and easily order a product.
  6. Easily return products. A return button appears on every order after shipment. Tell us the reason for return and your bank details, and we will refund your purchase price and shipping costs. Notice: Due to hygiene, not all products can returned become.
  7. Cancel orders easily. A cancellation button is displayed on every order before shipment. Tell us the reason for cancellation and your bank details, and we will refund your purchase price and shipping costs.
  8. You can easily exchange your product if you ordered the wrong product. Use this option not If we accidentally shipped the wrong product. Please contact

We ship all orders around 4:00 pm. It is possible to cancel an order before that time. You can do this in your account. On the order page you will see a cancel button before shipping. This is the fastest way. We do not recommend sending an email, because during busy periods your email may not be processed the same day.


Changing your order is not possible. All orders are placed through our website. If you want to order something else, you must cancel your order and place a new order before we process your order. If we have already shipped your product, you can exchange it through your own account. If the new chosen product is more expensive, you will have to pay extra. If the new chosen product is cheaper, we will refund you the difference. Shipping costs are at your own expense.

Yes. We ship orders to a number of countries within Europe. If your country is not listed, please send an email to

Delivery time depends on the selected shipping method.

If you choose DHL, orders placed before 4 p.m. will be delivered to your home the next day.

If you choose DPD, orders placed before 4 p.m. will be shipped the next day. Your package will then be delivered after 3 to 4 business days (!) to the DPD parcel point you selected during the ordering process.

If you choose international delivery outside the Netherlands, delivery takes several business days.

Follow your track & trace code to know exactly where your package is and when it will be delivered.

In most cases, packages are delivered cleanly. Unfortunately, sometimes something goes wrong with our shipping partners and delays occur. In that case we ask you to be patient for about three days. In many cases parcels are delivered correctly. If this does not happen, please send an e-mail to with your order number. Then we'll get after it.


If your package is lost or inexplicably returned to sender, please let us know at We will then arrange for your order to be reshipped.

DHL only delivers to your home once, just like all other shipping companies. If you are not at home, your package will be taken to the nearest DHL parcel point. DHL will inform you about this.

You have a few days to pick up your package (up to 7 days, check the information from DHL or DPD). If you don't do this, we will get the package back. This will cost us money: shipping costs and a fine. If we subsequently have to cancel the order, we will deduct these costs from the refundable amount.

People work and drive a van for each package. That costs money. Free shipping does not exist. Large online stores can offer this because they make a lot of money and pay for free shipping out of their profits. Smaller online stores can't. In fact, those big online stores are slowly phasing it out because it costs them a lot of money. It also happens that shipping is free, but then the cost is in the product price. That means you pay too much for each product. We think it's fair to use the base product price and charge shipping costs per order (not per product). This is our way of being fair and transparent.

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