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NeilMed - NasaMist all-in-one - nasal spray and nasal rinse in one


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NeilMed NasaMist nasal spray all-in-one is a nasal spray and nasal douche in one! A unique invention by Dr. Mehta, founder of NeilMed Pharmaceuticals and inventor of this product. Ideal for traveling and on the go. Keep your nose moist with the ultra gentle spray or clean your nose with the more powerful options. Depending on how full or dense your nose and cavities are, rinse your nose with a medium or large amount of saline solution. Conveniently, with this nasal spray you have all at hand!

- 1 NeilMed NasaMist nasal spray all-in-one nasal rinse aerosol 177 ml
- 3 specially designed nozzles: ultra soft mist, medium and large volume

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NeilMed nasal spray all-in-one nasal rinse

The NeilMed NasaMist All-In-One nasal spray and nasal rinse features three specially designed nozzles. The smallest nozzle sprays a fine mist into your nose for moisturizing your nasal passages. The medium nozzle gives a somewhat stronger spray. And the special "cleaning adapter" allows you to rinse your nose, forehead and sinuses clean under light pressure. Handy!

Thanks to the special mouthpieces, you have a super pleasant nasal spray in your hands. Not only can it give a small puff like regular nasal sprays, but this all-in-one nasal spray and nasal rinse is also capable of rinsing your nose under light pressure. Ideal to have these features on hand when you are on the go. No need to carry a nasal shower and nasal rinse salts, or use lukewarm water.

Your mucous membranes work best when they are moist. Dry mucous membranes cause all sorts of symptoms, such as nosebleeds. By moistening them with this nasal spray, you strengthen their function (trapping and eliminating pollen, dust and other debris). You will begin to experience a reduction in your hay fever or allergic symptoms and your nosebleeds. For colds, the NasaMist helps keep your nose open and loosen mucus, which is then rinsed away with the nasal douche.

Different variants

The NeilMed NasaMist nasal spray saline is available in the variants: normal, extra strong and all-in-one.

Comparison with nasal shower

Notice. A nasal spray is not comparable to a nasal douche. Although the NeilMed NasaMist nasal spray saline all-in-one nasal rinse rinses your nose, this product is primarily intended for rinsing your nose on the go. If you have a nasal shower, nasal rinse salt and lukewarm water on hand, then we recommend the NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal shower in combination with normal or extra strong nasal rinse salt solution. This nasal shower flushes plenty of water through your nasal cavities, sinuses and frontal sinuses, flushing mucus out of your nose with a strong jet. After surgery, don't use a nasal spray anyway but use the NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal shower to keep your nose open and rinse away crusts.

The NeilMed NasaMist nasal spray all-in-one nasal rinse can be used for:

- Various allergies, such as hay fever
- Allergic asthma
- Dry nose
- Colds
- Running nose
- Irritation of the nose from dust in the home and at work, fumes, animal dander, grass, pollen, smoke and the like.
- Nosebleed

Benefits of the NeilMed NasaMist nasal spray all-in-one nasal rinse:

- For babies over 1 year old, children and adults
- Use as often as you like
- Cleaning and wetting
- Soothing, no burning or stinging sensation
- Sterile and pH neutral
- Preservative-free and drug-free

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    Good, used more often

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