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NeilMed - nasal shower children - sinus rinse Starter pack

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NeilMed - Nasal shower + rinse salt

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Combination NeilMed nasal shower + nasal rinse salt 120

NeilMed - Nasal douche - Sinus Rinse Starter Kit


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This is the Starter Kit of the best-selling nasal douche in the world! ENT doctors around the world are convinced of its efficacy and prescribe it. The NeilMed SINUS RINSE nasal shower is a convenient squeeze bottle that allows you to thoroughly clean the nasal cavities with light pressure and a special saline solution. Because a nasal shower contains much more water than a neti pot or nasal spray, you really clean your nose. You notice right away that you can breathe through your nose again.

- 1 nasal douche of 240ml
- 10 sachets of specially developed pharmaceutical salt; a mix of pH neutral sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate (controlled quality, natural ingredients, isotonic, preservative- and iodine-free)

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Nasal douche NeilMed Sinus Rinse Starter Kit

The NeilMed® SINUS RINSE™ nasal douche contains a large amount of saline solution in water. This gives you enough to properly clean your nose and forehead and sinuses inside.

The nasal douche is a convenient squeeze bottle that allows you to thoroughly clean the nasal cavities with light pressure and a special saline solution. You have full control over the pressure you apply, by squeezing gently or a little harder. Daily rinsing is safe and keeps the nasal cavities clean, healthy and open.

Do you suffer from hay fever or colds? By flushing your nose, you experience less pressure on your nose and cavities. It flushes your nose open, giving you air again.
Have you had nose surgery? After nose surgery, a nasal douche helps well for rinsing away blood and crusts.
NeilMed nasal rinse salt is available in child, normal and extra strong varieties.


We strongly recommend that you store the Sinus Rinse nasal spray hygienically using the NasaDock Plus Storage Kit.

Make NeilMed's Sinus Rinse nasal shower an important part of your daily hygiene - just like brushing your teeth, washing your hands or taking a shower. All-natural care of your nose, nasal cavities and sinuses has never been easier.

Replace your nasal douche after three months

It is advisable to follow the cleaning instructions and replace the Sinus Rinse nasal shower and NasaFlo Neti Pot after three months. Hygiene is important for healthy care of your nose, sinuses and sinuses.

Use only NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal rinse salts

To rinse your nasal cavities, use NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal rinse salt. This salt is of the purest quality and contains only natural ingredients. You mix one sachet of saline in 240 ml of lukewarm water.
We advise against making your own saline solution. Using the wrong concentration can lead to insufficient relief of your symptoms or even a stuffy nose.
Moreover, (table) salt is not pharmaceutical grade. It may contain impurities, making it unsuitable for medical use.

The NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal spray can be used for:

- Various allergies
- Nose surgery
- Chronic sinus and sinusitis (Rhinosinusitus/Sinusitis)
- Hay fever
- Dry nose
- Pressure feeling in sinuses and nose (feeling as if you are full)
- Colds
- Running nose
- Irritation of the nose from dust in the home and at work, fumes, animal dander, grass, pollen, smoke and the like.
- Blocked nose

Benefits of the NeilMed Sinus Rinse nasal douche:

- Soothing, no burning or stinging sensation
- Large Volume & Low Pressure: Large Volume & Low Pressure™ system for nasal rinsing with saline solution, humidification and daily nasal hygiene
- A patented rounded black cap that seals each nasal opening
- No parts to push or pull, making the nasal shower easy to clean
- Preservative-, drug-, iodine-, BPA (softener)-, gluten- and latex-free
- Premixed bags of nasal rinse salts containing sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate of the highest quality (verified purity level of 99% or higher)
- pH neutral
- Control constant flow of lukewarm water with saline solution through easy squeeze bottle
- Up to 95% of the bottle can be used in upright position; thus, you do not need to tilt the bottle
- Suitable for use during pregnancy
- Suitable for use after nasal surgery, such as sinus surgery. Consult your doctor if you have questions or doubts.
- Easy to take with you when traveling


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for NeilMed – Neusdouche – Sinus Rinse Startpakket

  1. N. Probst (verified owner) -

    It works super . Because the bottle is more flexible, it is nicer to use than other rinsing bottles on the market. Also for people with less strength in the hands . The lifespan of the bottle is also longer than other bottles. In short I recommend it .

  2. Kurt Alexander (verified owner) -

    To replace an old one. best sine rinse bottle

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